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Jammin with Local Fresh Produce in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Just look at this beautiful fruit from Rincon, Puerto Rico.  The mango in the background weighs more than a pound and the avocados to the right of the mango weigh about 8 or 9 oz. The lemons and limes give you some idea of how big that mango and avocado are.  The mango isn’t quite ripe for jam or smoothies but its green enough for 6 jars of chutney.  The avocados are buttery soft, not too far from the taste of a Haas avocado, and definitely worth every bite full.  They are perfect for eating fresh in a salad or with lime right out of the shell right now but since I have so many more avocados these are going into the freezer doused with lime juice.  They will make creamy guacamole, dips and sandwich spreads for Christmas parties.   More mangoes are coming for the jam pot and freezer.  Gonna love making island mango smoothies, crumbles and cobblers this winter.

Guavas have just come into season and their bitter sweet skins will go into the jam pot along with some ripe mango. Guava skins are 1/8 to 1/4-inch thick and tasty when stewed in a light syrup.  Guava puree and strawberries with a kiss of rosemary is my next jam creation.  More about guava in a coming up post.

Be sure to drop by again for more recipes with fresh local produce from Rincon, Puerto Rico. 

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