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Hamburger Sliders with Vinegar Peppers and Homemade Mayo on Focaccia

Start with slider size pieces of homemade rosemary focaccia.  Slice the pieces open horizontally and drizzle with a little olive oil infused with garlic. Toast them, cut side down, on a medium hot griddle until golden.  Slather some homemade mayonnaise on both sides (video by Food Wishes below) and top one side with a juicy hamburger seasoned with Adobo and fresh ground black pepper.  Top the other side of the focaccia with sliced avocado, sliced scallion bulbs and Vinegar Peppers.

Add tomato and lettuce if you desire but its perfect just the way it is.  You can’t beat the balance of savory meat on herbaceous bread with a little crunch from the scallions, creaminess from the avocado and mayo, and tartness from the Vinegar peppers.

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2 Responses to “Hamburger Sliders with Vinegar Peppers and Homemade Mayo on Focaccia”

  1. How wonderful, homemade mayo reminds of my dear sweet Aunt Mary Ellen who was devoted to making it for her family.

  2. Thanks Ann, It’s comforting to know exactly what we’re eating.

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