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Chicken and Mushrooms over Sauteed Polenta

10.04.2012 · Posted in Appetizers, Main Dishes, Recipes

Living alone and cooking for one it seems there are always leftovers.  This dish was just a spur of the moment concoction thrown together with leftover polenta slices, a paillard of chicken breast, some mushrooms and a handful of baby spinach leaves.   It ended up being a tasty main that I will downsize for a starter dish the next time friends come for dinner.

The polenta was seasoned with Rosemary Salt, butter and grated parmigiano then poured into a mini loaf pan and refrigerated overnight.  The next day it popped right out of the pan and was super easy to slice 1/2-inch thick.   I sauteed the slices in nutty brown butter until they turned golden brown.

Next, the sliced mushrooms were sauteed in butter with a drop of oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.  When the mushrooms were just about dry I added another nob of butter, the cut up paillard of chicken, along with a minced clove of garlic.  When the chicken pieces were opaque and there was a nice crust of drippings on the bottom of the pan, I splashed in some white wine, a sprig of fresh thyme and a couple dashes of Puerto Rican hot pepper sauce.  Lastly, a handful of baby spinach leaves were added.  Salt and pepper finished the dish off when the spinach was wilted.  Spooned over the sauteed polenta this was so good it really made me smile.

Super simple, tasty and satisfying.  Try this for a starter course.

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