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Update on Container Herb Garden

07.02.2013 · Posted in What's New with This Dame

DSCF0912All the herbs I planted are lush with foliage.  The self-watering containers made from milk jugs and vinegar bottles did their job.  They’re sitting on the side of house that gets full afternoon sun – just enough direct sun to keep them green.  The mint has absolutely gone crazy even with the leaves I pinched off for drinks and cooking and a couple starts I gave to friends.  We love mojitos here.

The thyme, tarragon and sage is ready to thin out also.  I’ll  bundle and dry some for my spice cupboard and maintain the rest in the containers for cooking.

DSCF0913DSCF0917  The cherry tomatoes are producing really sweet juicy orbs and the Roma tomato is loaded with blossoms so it shouldn’t be too long now to see those on the vine.  I have a new dehydrator that a friend of mine built and I’m looking forward to some sun- dried tomatoes in olive oil.






The basal is healthy and the beef-steak tomatoes finally have a few blossoms.  I have a mosquito net ready to cover the tomatoes if the birds get too rambunctious.  DSCF0916

Lettuce and scallions will grow year round here so next up is making more containers for greens.









This is pretty easy stuff and low maintenance once set up.  I encourage everyone to grow something you can eat…



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