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The Wonders of Menu Plan Bingo “See your culinary dreams come to life in creatively new way”

02.05.2014 · Posted in Events and Reviews, Menus

hospital-food-bingo-001A lot of people settle on having the same type of meals every week because coming up with a completely different set requires a lot of time not just in the kitchen, but also during the preparation of meals. Based on a study published by Well Commons, adult Americans spend an average of 33 minutes for food preparation. For some, the in-between processes that doesn’t involve feasting on that sumptuous dish can be a bit tedious, that’s why it’s important to squeeze out some of your creative juice inside the kitchen into your pre-planning phase, and add a dash of excitement by incorporating a classic game like bingo into the pot.

Planning a new dish elevates the whole cooking experience to another level. It’s extremely fun and satisfying to learn new recipes and cooking techniques. However, cooking doesn’t always have to be following the step-by-step process of an award-winning cookbook; because sometimes, you’ll get a kick and even surprise yourself after playing Menu Plan Bingo. Basically, the gist of this game is to help you bring out your creativity in the kitchen, and expand your knowledge in the process. Menu Plan Bingo is as simple as the classic game itself, but instead of the traditional letters and numbers, you’ll use different ingredients/meals for Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Dinner, and everyone’s favorite, Dessert. By selecting choices at random, not only will it spice up your preparation time drastically, you’ll also challenge yourself by coming up with new and exciting dishes – just make sure that it creates harmony in the palette as well.

In essence, bingo is not only used to add a generous serving of good, clean fun to the mix, but also for educational purposes; as this classic game is used to teach Food Groups to students. Anyone can integrate bingo when choosing ingredients – or meals, and it will be more fun if you let the whole family join in the kitchen festivity. To add to the vibe of a real bingo game, you can even put food selections on bingo balls and draw them from a ball cage. And by simulating the booming voice of Bingogodz resident caller Brian Blessed, everyone will surely have a blast as you shout out each food item with its corresponding bingo lingo in the same way as the renowned Blessed.

Now to help you start with the whole process of Menu Plan Bingo, here are some suggested items to put under each category:

Breakfast:                                                          Lunch:

Breadfruit                                                          Pork Curry with Taro
Jamaican Patties                                              Barbados Tomato and Corn Soup
Bannock                                                             Aloo Pie
Pancakes                                                            Eggplant Parmigiano

Appetizer/Snack:                                             Dinner:

Spice Island Vegetables                                  Oxtail Stew
Pholourie                                                            Jerk Chicken
Saltfish Frittters                                                Grilled Halibut
Roti                                                                      Baked Salmon Patties


Banana Poe
Fruit Lote
Bread Pudding

These are just examples of Alaskan, Caribbean, and South Pacific cuisines. Remember: sky’s the limit when it comes to cooking and having fun. So hop on the bingo bandwagon and start to see your culinary dreams come to life in a cool and creatively new way.






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