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Pass the Butter and Update

07.02.2009 · Posted in Food Tips

What has to say about: The Butter Truth       Claim:   Ingestion of some types of margarine increases the risk of       coronary disease.      Back in 2003 we compiled the following comparison chart for various brands of margarine as they were then formulated. Numbers given in grams refer to how many grams of each particular type ...

Beans and Sausage in a Pressure Cooker

05.23.2009 · Posted in Food Tips, Recipes, Soups

Pressure cookers for homemakers have been around since 1917 when the USDA announced that the only safe way to can low-acid foods was with a pressure cooker.  From then on the National Pressure Cooker company, now called Presto, has engineered and redesigned pressure cookers with reliable safety features for home use.  So long as the rubber ...

The "Art" of Boiling Eggs

03.13.2009 · Posted in Food Tips

Easter is just around the corner so you can start practicing the art of boiling eggs right now.  For years the media hype on the ill-effects of eggs put off the daily consumption of eggs.  The fact is, eggs are very healthly.   The secret is to buy farm-fresh eggs that have not been refrigerated and are not more than 7 days ...