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Banana Sorbets with Homemade Coquito and Banana Liqueur – Part 2

08.07.2010 · Posted in Beverages, Cordials & Liqueurs, Desserts, Sorbets

Banana sorbet is wonderful with rum, Grand Marnier, ginger beer or any number of wines. Add a commercial banana liqueur, available at high-end liquor stores, or your own homemade banana liqueur. ...

Decadent Chocolate Sorbet

02.21.2010 · Posted in Desserts, Sorbets

                                              Sorbet is the answer for ice-cream lovers who are watching their fat in-take, want to eat healthier, and find it impossible to give up desserts.  And since sorbets are made without dairy, vegans and those with lactose intolerance can also enjoy these treats.  2 ½ cups boiling water ¾ cup sugar ½ cup unsweetened ...