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Lumache di Mare – Snails in Tomato Sauce

07.13.2009 · Posted in Appetizers, Main Dishes

Escargot is not for everyone but lumache made with sea snails is a gourmand’s delight.  This Italian dish is marvelous made with canned snails which are a garden variety and have an earthy flavor.  The sea snail is larger than a whelk, more meaty and similar in flavor to a whelk or conch.  If you’re lucky enough to ...

Fish and Yam Fritters From Tonga

05.07.2009 · Posted in Appetizers

Fish cakes and fritters are very popular in the South Pacific.  Tongans usually add yam (ufi) or sweet potato (kumala) to the poached fish.  Any kind of fresh fish will do:  halibut, whitefish, cod, sole, snapper, or tuna.  Tongan homemakers prepare fritters with leftovers from sashimi or coconut cooked fish, and you can buy them ...

Cold Finger Food for Your Next Bash

04.25.2009 · Posted in Appetizers, Recipes

Add a few of these little finger foods to the menu for your next spring get-together.  They’re quick, easy and tasty.  There’s no cooking involved so you can make up platters of these the day before or morning of your party.   That gives you time to cook the hot dishes, have a cocktail and relax for a bit.  Scandinavian Smorgasbord is the inspiration ...