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Salmon and Pasta Soup

08.25.2009 · Posted in Soups

Start with a little homemade herbed-chicken stock, bring to a lively simmer, toss in some cooked noodles, add tarragon, capers, fresh basil, and finish it with chunks from the tail-end of a salmon fillet and a glob of homemade creme fraiche.  Add salt and freshly ground black pepper and a dash of chili sauce for sparkle.  It’s just ...

Beans and Sausage in a Pressure Cooker

05.23.2009 · Posted in Food Tips, Recipes, Soups

Pressure cookers for homemakers have been around since 1917 when the USDA announced that the only safe way to can low-acid foods was with a pressure cooker.  From then on the National Pressure Cooker company, now called Presto, has engineered and redesigned pressure cookers with reliable safety features for home use.  So long as the rubber ...

Canning Vegetable Soup

05.15.2009 · Posted in Preserves & Condiments, Soups

Spring is here and it won’t be long before the Farmers Markets and roadside markets are brimming with veggies.  Take the advantage of lower prices by buying in large quantities.  This vegetable soup is the base for lots of winter soups.  Just open a jar, add meat, beans, pasta, or rice for those one dish ...