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Eco Rugs

If you’re like me and forget your cloth shopping bags when you go grocery shopping, you’ll still collect an inordinate amount of plastic shopping bags.  Granted they do come in handy at home but we really need to make an effort to minimize using plastic so our landfills don’t fill up with them.  These crocheted rugs are just the thing for doorways, in front of sinks and showers.  And…they’re washable…throw them in a cold water wash on delicate cycle and hang to dry.  Or, spray them with the hose outside, they’ll dry in no time.


Finally finished this circular rug from about 70 plastic bags using a size-Q crochet hook.  This was lots of fun watching it take shape.  I’ve since gotten several friends to drop off their plastic bags to me and in exchange I’ve made them a rug of their own.  The round rug was actually pretty easy once I figured out how to increase the circumference of the rug.

My newest rugs are from old sheets, t-shirts, denim dresses and new t-shirt fabric.

The top picture is the rug made from denim and linen and cotton.  I wasn’t very happy with the ravelling of the denim and linen and only made this small rug for the bathroom vanity.

The rug at the left is made of t-shirt material.  I happened to be at a fabric store having a sale on t-shirt remnants so I bought about 20 yards of fabric.  This rug which measures 31 inches in diameter took 7 yards of the 60-inch-wide kelly green striped material and 1/2 yard of the charcoal brown.  It took about 6 hours to make.

There’s a new arts and crafts gallery that just opened here in Rincon, Puerto Rico.  My rugs will be on display and for sale there.  The price for this 31 inch t-shirt rug is $45.  The plastic shopping-bag rugs are approximately 28-inches and they sell for $28.

Check out the rugs below.


I’m now giving classes on crocheted rugs at the local Arts and Crafts gallery here in Rincon, Puerto Rico.   This is how to turn a hobby into money.

The rug top left was sold the day after it was put on display.  25-inches in diameter.  The next rug I just finished this morning and will take to the shop tomorrow.  It is 31-inches in diameter.  A trip to the fabric store and thrift shops is a definite must for Monday since I am totally out of t-shirts now.

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5 Responses to “Eco Rugs”

  1. Carolina Del Mar says:

    wow…. this is exactly what i was looking for! I live in between Cayey and Cidra so please tell me when and how much classes are….I ride a small scooter so it would five hours on the back roads. I am a retired art teacher. Thank you.

  2. Hi Carolina, Thanks for the interest in my rugs. Classes start next month at Tres Puertas, $25. I also have the crochet hooks for sale $5. Looking forward to meeting you.

  3. Hi Carolina, I am having a rug workshop on January 23rd, Wednesday. See my recent post more details.

  4. Hay Sis, these rugs are simply fantastic looking. Again, you and our sister have all of the talents.

  5. Thanks little brother.

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