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Empanadas with Black Beans and Chorizo

04.06.2011 · Posted in Appetizers, Main Dishes

Next time you need a make-ahead appetizer for a crowd, try these empanadas. With just 5 ingredients you can buy ready-made or make them from scratch yourself, these are a snap to prepare. Fill the empanada sheets the night before your party, then fry them off 20 minutes before the party starts. ...

Authentic Puerto Rican Sofrito

06.30.2010 · Posted in Marinades, Preserves & Condiments

Due to tropical storms and consequent power outages Internet connections have been unreliable to say the least.  But, cuisine de Puerto Rico is consistently spicy and evolving.  Sofrito is to Puerto Rican cooking as Harissa is to North African, or Piri Piri is to Portuguese cooking.  It is actually a gift from Italian immigrants to ...