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Jammin with Local Fresh Produce in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Just look at this beautiful fruit from Rincon, Puerto Rico. The mango in the background weighs more than a pound and the avocados to the right of the mango weigh about 8 or 9 oz. The lemons and limes give you some idea of how big that mango and avocado are. ...

Banana Jam

06.08.2009 · Posted in Preserves & Condiments

When you live in the tropics bananas probably grow right outside your door.  Stalks of bananas can weigh 20-40 pounds depending upon the variety.  There are fingerling sizes, export sizes that you see in supermarkets, and there are plantain sized bananas that grow in various shapes.  Polynesians and West Indians of the Caribbean cook green bananas in coconut milk ...