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Strawberry Cordial Sorbet

04.20.2009 · Posted in Cordials & Liqueurs, Sorbets

This is the answer for ice-cream lovers who are watching their fat in-take, want to eat healthier, and find it impossible to give up desserts.  And since sorbets are made without dairy, vegans and those with lactose intolerance can also enjoy these treats.  Substitute water for the cordial if you’re on the wagon. The more ...

Lime Sorbet – The Palate Freshener

04.20.2009 · Posted in Sorbets

Lime sorbet in the 1920s was served between courses of elaborate meals.  The idea was to cleanse the pallet between the fish course and meat course.  Today we commonly serve this as a dessert or anytime we want a smooth and creamy iced-treat without the fat and calories of ice-cream.  Lime is especially refreshening and your pallet ...