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Potato Leek Soup

03.16.2009 · Posted in Soups

Leeks are giant spring onions (scallions).  They must always be washed thoroughly so slice them down the middle and rinse under running water, inspecting the layers for dirt as you rinse.  The leaves make an elegant terrine for brunch or canapés and the entire stock, leaves and root, make this soup stand out.  Puree half ...

Salmon Zucchini Soup

03.15.2009 · Posted in Soups

When you live in salmon country creating new salmon dishes is a must lest we are bored with the local fare.  In Alaska, not only did we catch and eat pinks, silvers, and reds, but we also caught huge 40 + pound King Salmon.  There was salmon roasts, salmon steaks, salmon cheeks, salmon eggs for bait and ...